October 5, 2021

Competition is the sunshine that solar (and storage) need

For the residential solar industry in the U.S. to grow, the field of technological innovation and solution diversity must grow beyond the current market share.
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For the residential solar industry to continue to grow, the level of innovation and solution diversity must also grow. This is particularly true when it comes to inverter technology, in which the still limited number of competitors have taken advancement and innovation to a snail’s pace, if not a standstill.

With more options to choose from, installers and their customers will enjoy the freedom to assemble solutions that are just right in terms of performance and cost. The solar (and storage) industry will have the opportunity to expand beyond 10% market penetration.

New and innovative competition will benefit not only consumers, but the installers who will reclaim their role as energy consultants. After all, before all-in-one systems and “walled gardens,” pioneering solar installers did significant engineering work to assemble systems of disparate components.

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